For NLisis, day-to-day users with their specific needs and challenges will always form a key inspiration. We value your opinion and are curious to learn what your thoughts are for the future.
Please send us your thoughts and will do our utmost to learn from your expertise, co-create new innovations with you and fulfill your needs.
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Establishing solid and easy one-to-one connections

We are NLisis, a Dutch Company made up of gas chromatography fans. That’s right, we just love GC! But we do believe that there are many improvements that can be made in the field.

We figured that in order to get more reliable measurements, better results and more efficiency we need to improve the process of GC, so instead of ‘doing analysis’ we can simply ‘analyze’.

On this website you'll find information on our first product: The Fuse. For anything and everything related to The Fuse please contact Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions. NLisis is no longer developing new solutions, but we love to talk about chromatography. So if you are in for a chat just give us a call or drop us an e-mail.